Howick Bridge Lessons Pamphlet 2021

Lessons Starting February 2022 

$50 for 10 Lessons 

For further information: please ring Cheryl on 027 2777 400 or Richard

on 021 593 518 

or email cherylhowickbridge@gmail.com or richardandrew1568@gmail.com

Lessons Starting June 2022

$50 for 10 lessons 
For further information: please ring Annette on 273 4473 or 027 2277487

or Judy Anderson 282 6950 or 021 259 5555 
 email annetteletabrown@gmail.com or jeanderson945@gmail.com

At the Howick Bridge Club we play and provide lessons in Duplicate Bridge. It is called duplicate because the same bridge deal (i.e. the specific arrangement of the 52 cards into the four hands) is played at each table and scoring is based on relative performance. In this way, every hand, whether strong or weak, is played in competition with others playing the identical cards, and the element of skill is heightened whilst that of chance is reduced.

It is IMPORTANT to NOTE & STRESS: You do not need any previous experience and knowledge in other card games to learn and play bridge. The game itself is completely different from Whist and 500 and any other card games you may have learned before.

The ten lessons is a complete package for beginners to learn the basics of duplicate bridge so you can at first start playing on a regular basis with players of similar ability and experience on a Tuesday evenings at the Howick Bridge Club. As your knowledge, confidence and knowledge grows you can progress at your own pace to play bridge on Monday & Thursday evenings and Tuesday and Friday during the day. You can also play Wednesday evening which is usually the domain of top grade players - usually you have achieved a suitable level of experience, ability and confidence in your play to consider this.

The lessons are structured building your knowledge step by step to be able to bid and play part, game and slam contracts or being defenders trying to take these contracts down.

This includes:

  • Understand Bridge Terminology
  • Bidding competitively in an auction to decide on what the contract is, who is the Declarer, Dummy and Defenders
  • The basic ACOL bidding system (as promoted by the Howick Bridge Club & generally played by most clubs in New Zealand)
  • Playing bridge hands as the Declarer against the Defenders.
  • Each evening starts with a review of the previous week's material followed by new lesson material (with notes) which lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Approximately 75 minutes to 90 minutes bidding and playing hands based on material taught for that lesson with assistance from Ngarie and club helpers. For the last lesson you will play with the other Tuesday night members.

General Information

  • Bridge is played in pairs sitting around a card table seating four people
  • Two pairs per table (1 pair North/South the other East/West)
  • Played with a pack of 52 cards made up of 4 suits Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and clubs
  • The cards are randomly shuffled and pre-dealt into boards for playing
  • Number of boards played per club session ranges between18 to 26
    Club session between 2.5 and 3 hours long
  • Hand records are available